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Heil Refuse Side Loaders

Our side loaders can get your refuse collection jobs finished in less time. With life capacities up to 1,600 pounds and cycle times as short as eight seconds, the Side Loader will cut your collection cost and make your job easier.

The diverse collection of Side Loaders ranges from the Durpack® Python® Automated Side Load Garbage Truck to the Rapid Rail® Automated Side Load Garbage Truck. All of our Side Loaders are designed to tackle either residential or commercial routes with ease. In addition, all Side Loaders come with an arm that can reach up to nine feet, making it easier to reach far away garbage cans with minimal effort from the driver. And no more empty garbage cans with lids off—the Durpack® Python® Automated Side Load Garbage Truck’s arm will place empty bins lids closed every time for a neater presentation.

Heil’s® Side Loaders are the best garbage trucks in the industry and you’ll see why once you purchase one and use it on your refuse route. It’s fast, built strong, easy-to-operate, and lets you get more done.

A Few Key Features:

  • Various options for commercial and residential routes.
  • Various body sizes.
  • Cycle time as short as eight seconds.